We bring a rare combination of deep content knowledge and strong people skills to help clients optimize systems that impact equity, health, and wellbeing. We're committed to helping foundations, nonprofits, governmental agencies, and private entities to better articulate and reach their goals. Please contact us to learn more about these or additional services.


Design And operationalize Programs

We conceptualize and implement work related to health and human services, criminal or juvenile justice, or education. Drawing on decades of experience in these fields, we help organizations expand their impact without expanding their staff.


Optimize organizational Effectiveness

By sharpening your focus, improving your processes and procedures, and measuring your outcomes we can significantly maximize your impact on those you serve. We coach executives of small nonprofits, consult with foundation staff, and connect people to useful resources and insightful colleagues.


Facilitate Groups to engage participants

Using Liberating Structures, we design and facilitate meetings that achieve clear goals while motivating participants. Are you launching a new project, planning for the future, or resolving a tricky challenge? By rapidly activating groups of any size, these methods drive progress toward specified outcomes and generate enthusiasm along the way.


Research and synthesize policy and best practices

We do a deep dive into research, interview stakeholders, and provide accessible summaries tailored to your audience. Merging deep expertise with academic research and focused policy products brings both understanding and clarity to effective written products.